Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
A 91-day oral toxicity study in rats with zinc phosphide technicalNational Wildlife Research Centerratszinc phosphide1995-09-30
A Camera and Hook System for Viewing and Retrieving Carcasses from BurrowsNational Wildlife Research CenterRodentsn/a2002-10-03
A collection of Research and Pest Management Guidelines supporting the Efficacy of Anticoagulants on Woodrats an MuskratsCalifornia Department of Food and AgricultureWoodrats. MuskratsAnticoagulants1994-10-01
A field test of jackrabbit bait station strategiesUniversity of California - Davisjackrabbitanticoagulant bait2005-07-01
A field test of rodenticides for pocket gopher (Thomomys spp.) controlUniversity of California Davispocket gophersanticoagulants2015-09-01
A Literature Review for Existing 'Selective' Bait Stations, Excluding Non Target MammalsUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionRodents California Ground Squirrel Pocket Gopher Rabbits Rats MouseRodenticides2010-10-01
A review of potential avicides, rodenticides and other vertebrate pest control compoundsUniversity of California - Davischlorophacinone, cholecaciferol, diphacinone, sodium fluoroacetate, st1995-08-24
A Test of Efficacy of Three Rodenticide Baits for Roof Rat and Deer Mouse Control in CaliforniaUniversity of California-Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension CenterRats, Deer MIceDiphacinone, Chlorophacinone2013-01-01
Acute Toxicity of Diphacinone in Northern Bobwhite: Effects on Survival and Blood ClottingU.S. Geological SurveyNorthern BoobwhiteDiphacinone2010-10-01
Acute Toxicity, Histopathology, and Coagulopathy in American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) Following Administration of the Rodenticide DiphacinoneU.S. Geological SurveyAmerican KestrelsDiphacinone2010-11-14