Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Estimating Job and Revenue Savings from Using a Variety of Pest Control Techniques to Protect Crops from Birds and Rodents.National Wildlife Research CenterBird Rodent Ground Squirrel Crow Sparrow Meadow voles pocket gophersrodenticides avicides trapping exclusion chemical aversion2010-07-01
In-Vitro Inhibition of Chlorophacinone Metabolism in Resistant Meadow Voles Using FIFRA 25B Inert IngredientsNational Wildlife Research CenterMeadow VolesInert Ingredients Chlorophacinone2010-10-01
Increasing Acceptance of Zinc Phosphide BaitsNational Wildlife Research CenterMeadow Voles Pocket Gophers Ground SquirrelsZinc Phosphide2010-10-01
Pharmacokinetic Studies with Kestrels and Owls for Validating the CDFA/USDA Rodenticide PBPK ModelNational Wildlife Research CenterKestrels, Owls2008-04-01
Using Liver Microsomes to Screen Anticoagulant Inhibitor Formulations for Meadow Vole ControlNational Wildlife Research CenterMeadow Volesrodenticides anticoagulant2009-07-01
Using Liver Microsomes to Screen Anticoagulant/ Antibiotic Formulations for Ground Squirrels and Pocket GophersNational Wildlife Research CenterGround Squirrels Pocket GophersAnticoagulant/ Antibiotic2008-03-21
Vertebrate Pest Control - Education and Certification Using the Internet and Touch Screen DevicesUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionRodents California Ground Squirrel Pocket Gopher Rabbits Rats MouseAnticoagulant2010-07-01