Instructions for VPCRAC Research Project Progress Reports

Progress Report Due Dates

Progress reports are due 10 days after the end of each quarter, unless other arrangements have been made or as specified in the contract.  Send reports electronically to David Kratville. The four quarters are January - March, April - June, July - September, and October - December. PowerPoint or other presentations given at the biannual VPCRAC meetings do not substitute for the written progress report described below. Keep in mind that the progress report you submit will be posted on the VPCRAC website.

Progress Report Sections and Content

  1. Heading: project title, principal investigator, affiliation, contract number, period of report coverage.
  2. Objectives for the Quarter: List the objectives for the quarter in question.
  3. Results: This section should describe the activities undertaken during the quarter to meet the objectives and the results or findings from those activities. Provide details and data so that an assessment of progress can be made. Statements such as "a literature review is underway," or "feeding tests are in progress" are not acceptable without additional information.
  4. Objectives for the Next Quarter: List the objectives for work planned during the next quarter.
  5. Photographs: Between two and six photographs (JPEG files) must be submitted along with the written report. Provide a caption for each photo. If possible the photographs should depict the activities undertaken during the quarter. Photographs could illustrate the study site, field or lab techniques, damage, or the animal under investigation.The photographs and captions will be posted along with the progress report on the VPCRAC website.


Progress Report Template (Microsoft Word format)

Example Progress Report (PDF format)