Instructions and Guidelines for all Submissions

Read the general instructions on this page, then find further instructions for grant proposals, progress reports and/or final reports. In the further instructions, be sure to download all necessary templates and examples.

Request for Proposals

Proposals can be presented at the biannual VPCRAC meetings (usually in April and October). If you are interested in presenting a research proposal for funding consideration, it must be submitted to the California Department of Food and Agriculture 30 days prior to the VPCRAC meeting so that it can be included in the meeting agenda. There will be no exceptions; late proposals will not be accepted. Check the calendar to see the upcoming meeting.

General Instructions for Proposals, Progress Reports, and Final Reports for VPCRAC Research Projects

In an effort to improve information transfer, all research proposals for funding, progress reports, or final reports for VPCRAC-funded research projects must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents via e-mail David KratvilleFailure to follow the format or instructions will be cause for rejection of project proposals and reports. This may also delay research proposal consideration or payment of invoices pending adequate research proposal or report submissions.

All reports shall be submitted in a standardized format with 3/4" margins, and 12-point single-spaced Times New Roman font. The date should appear in the upper left corner of the first page. Section headings should be in bold. The page number should be placed in the upper right corner starting on the first page.

Additionally, Microsoft Word Templates are provided below, for each of the documents you may be submitting.

Note: It is best to "Save" templates to your computer, rather than "Open" them in your browser.

We strongly encourage you to use the provided templates, as they will assist you in making your documents adhere to the submission guidelines. You are responsible for making sure that your documents follow the new guidelines, and documents submitted that do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted. Examples of each type of document are also provided for you to review.  Upon completion, send proposals and reports electronically to David Kratville.

Detailed Instructions

Grant Proposals

Instructions and Guidelines