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Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Vertebrate Pest Research "Needs Assessment" for CaliforniaUniversity of California - Integrated Pest Management IPMVertebrate 2011-07-01
Vertebrate Pest Control Education and Outreach for Licensed Trappers and others dealing with California WildlifeUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionCalifornia Ground Squirrel, Pocket Gopher, Meadow Vole 2008-04-01
Pharmacokinetic Studies with Kestrels and Owls for Validating the CDFA/USDA Rodenticide PBPK ModelNational Wildlife Research CenterKestrels, Owls 2008-04-01
Vertebrate Pest Research in California, Website for VPCRAC, The Public, Vertebrate Pest Control Researchers, and others concerned with Vertebrate PestUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionVertebrate 2008-03-19
Development of Gopher Control Demonstration Videos for Online and Kiosk Based TrainingUniversity of California - Integrated Pest Management IPMGopher 2007-09-10
Rodent Control Training and Certification Using an Interactive Computer Kiosk SystemUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionGround Squirrel 2007-04-25
Economic Impacts of Rodent and Bird Damage to Vunerable Crops/Commodity-Producing CountiesNational Wildlife Research CenterRodent, Birds 2007-04-20
Research Website for VPCRACUniversity of California - Cooperative Extension 2006-07-01
Distribution patterns, habitat use, and impacts of the eastern fox squirrel (Sciuris nigriUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionFox Squirrel 2005-03-22
Taxidermy specimensFresno County Department of AgricultureCalifornia ground squirrels 2004-07-01