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Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Assessing the efficacy of carbon monoxide producing machines at controlling burrowing rodents.Rodentscarbon monoxide machine 2016-06-01
Concentration-response Relationship of Anthraquinone-treated Lettuce Seedlings for Horned LarksNational Wildlife Research CenterAnthraquinone 1996-01-01
Evaluation and Development of Bird-Repellent Rodenticide Baits for California RodentsAnimal and Plant Health Inspection ServicesRodentsAnthraquinone, Zinc Phosphide 2013-02-25
Functional significance of ultraviolet feeding cues in wild turkeysAnimal and Plant Health Inspection ServicesWild TurkeysUV 1996-01-01
A collection of Research and Pest Management Guidelines supporting the Efficacy of Anticoagulants on Woodrats an MuskratsCalifornia Department of Food and AgricultureWoodrats. MuskratsAnticoagulants 1994-10-01
Effects of Processing and Handling on Anticoagulant Active Ingredients and Bait QualityCalifornia Department of Food and Agricultureground squirrelsAnticoagulants 2002-06-12
Field Efficacy Studies Comparing 0.005% and 0.01% Diphacinone and Chlorophacinone Baits for Controlling California Ground SquirrelsCalifornia Department of Food and AgricultureGround SquirrelsChlorophacinone, Diphacinone 2001-12-31
Chlorophacinone Efficacy Feeding Studies Using 0.01% Chlorophacinone Artichoke Bract for Controlling California Meadow VolesCalifornia Department of Food and AgricultureMeadow VolesChlorophacinone 2002-11-30
Taxidermy specimensFresno County Department of AgricultureCalifornia ground squirrels 2004-07-01
Wax bait block reformulation.Genesis Laboratoryrats miceDiphacinone wax bait block 2003-07-31