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Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Salmonella/Mammalian-Microsome Plate Incorporation Mutagenacy Assay (Ames Test)USDA 1993-07-21
l5178Y TK+ - Mouse Lymphoma Mutagenesis AssayUnited States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service 1993-08-20
Analytical method for anticoagulant residuesNational Wildlife Research CenterChlorophacinone Diphacinone 1994-03-01
Efficacy of cholecalciferol on Valley Pocket GophersNational Wildlife Research CenterValley Pocket Gopherscholecalciferol 1994-04-14
Field efficacy of rodent bait diphacinone treated grains using spot-baiting applications to control the California ground squirrelGenesis LaboratoryGround SquirrelsDiphacinone 1994-09-01
Field efficacy of rodent bait diphacinone treated grains used in bait stations to controlGenesis LaboratoryGround Squirrelsdiphacinone 1994-09-01
A collection of Research and Pest Management Guidelines supporting the Efficacy of Anticoagulants on Woodrats an MuskratsCalifornia Department of Food and AgricultureWoodrats. MuskratsAnticoagulants 1994-10-01
Cholecalciferol/ Pocket Gopher/ Burrow Builder StudyNational Wildlife Research CenterPocket GopherCholecalciferol 1995-03-15
Norway Rat Laboratory feeding studyNational Wildlife Research CenterNorway ratChlorophacinoe Diphacinone 1995-04-01
Potential repellents for bird control in LettuceNational Wildlife Research CenterHorned LarkMethyl Anthranilate Methiocarb 1995-04-01