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Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Mouse Lab feeding studyNational Wildlife Research CenterMouseChlorophacinone Diphacinone 1995-04-01
Field efficacy of rodent bait chlorophacinone treated grains using spot-baiting applicationGenesis LaboratoryGround Squirrelschlorophacinone 1995-04-01
Studies of zinc phosphide ground squirrel bait formulationsUniversity of California - DavisGround Squirrelszinc phosphide 1995-06-30
A review of potential avicides, rodenticides and other vertebrate pest control compoundsUniversity of California - Davischlorophacinone, cholecaciferol, diphacinone, sodium fluoroacetate, st 1995-08-24
Zinc phosphide: a field efficacy study with California ground squirrelsNational Wildlife Research CenterGround Squirrelszinc phosphide 1995-09-13
Sallmonella/Mammalian-microsome plate incorporation mutagenicity assayNational Wildlife Research CenterMousezinc phosphide 1995-09-29
Mouse lymphoma mutagenesis assayNational Wildlife Research CenterMousezinc phosphide 1995-09-29
Nontarget hazards to ring-necked pheasants and California quail from broadcasting a 2% zinc phosphide oat groats bait for control of gray-tailed volesNational Wildlife Research Centervoleszinc phosphide 1995-09-30
Broadcast application of 2% zinc phosphide steam-rolled-oat groats to control gray-tailedNational Wildlife Research CentervolesZinc Phosphide 1995-09-30
Zinc phosphide (technical) micronucleus cytogenetic assay in miceNational Wildlife Research CenterMousezinc phosphide 1995-09-30