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Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
A 91-day oral toxicity study in rats with zinc phosphide technicalNational Wildlife Research Centerratszinc phosphide 1995-09-30
Chlorophacinone in bait stations for Beldings Ground SquirrelsNational Wildlife Research CenterBeldings Ground SquirrelChlorophacinone Bait stations 1995-10-01
Spot baiting with Chlorophacinone for Beldings Ground SquirrelNational Wildlife Research CenterBeldings Ground SquirrelChlorophacinone spot baiting 1995-10-02
Elevated bait stations for California ground squirrel controlUniversity of California - DavisCalifornia ground squirrel, Kangaroo ratsElevated bait stations 1996-01-01
Field efficacy of rodent bait chlorophacinone treated grains used in bait stations to contGenesis LaboratoryGround Squirrelschlorophacinone 1996-01-11
California Ground Squirrel laboratory feeding studyNational Wildlife Research CenterCalifornia ground squirrelCholecalciferol 1996-02-01
Hand baiting to control pocket gophersNational Wildlife Research CenterPocket GophersChlorophacinone Diphacinone 1996-02-01
Chlorophacinone treated cabbage for Belding's Ground SquirrelGenesis LaboratoryBelding's Ground SquirrelChlorophacinone 1996-03-01
Bromethalin for California Ground SquirrelGenesis LaboratoryCalifornia Ground SquirrelBromethalin Bait stations 1996-05-01
Ecology and behavior of endangered kangaroo ratsUniversity of California - DavisKangaroo rats 1996-06-30