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Research Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Trapping to control birds in agricultureUniversity of California - DavisBirdsTrapping 1996-07-01
Review of California Ground Squirrel control using zinc phosphideUniversity of California - DavisCalifornia ground squirrelzinc phosphide grain bait 1996-07-01
Chlorophacinone residues in AlfalfaGenesis LaboratoryVoles Ground SquirrelsChlorophacinone broadcast 1996-08-13
Diphacinone residues in alfalfaGenesis LaboratoryVoles Ground squirrelsDiphacinone 1996-09-01
Laboratory efficacy study on valley pocket gophers with cholecalciferol baitNational Wildlife Research CenterPocket Gophercholecalciferol 1996-09-10
Management system for VPCRAC researchUniversity of California - DavisBirds Mammals 1996-12-28
Chlorophacinone and Diphacinone residues in rangeland grassesNational Wildlife Research CenterCalifornia ground squirrelChlorophacinone Diphacinone grain bait 1997-01-03
An operational crow control program using broadcast callsUniversity of California - DavisAmerican crowBiosonics 1997-03-01
Anticoagulant baiting strategies for California ground squirrelsUniversity of California - DavisCalifornia ground squirrelsDiphacinone grain 1997-04-01
Malted Oats as carrier for Zinc Phosphide baitsNational Wildlife Research CenterBelding and California Ground SquirrelGrain bait 1997-04-28