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Completed Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Reregistration of CDFA baits for Control of Norway and Roof Rats in Agricultural Fields.University of California - Integrated Pest Management IPMNorway Rats Roof RatsRodenticide Chlorophacinone Diphacinone 2009-08-31
Development of an Integrated Pest Management Program for Vole Control in ArtichokesUniversity of California - Integrated Pest Management IPMMeadow VolesCultural practices drift nets Chlorophacinone Zinc phosphide discing 2012-10-01
A Literature Review for Existing 'Selective' Bait Stations, Excluding Non Target MammalsUniversity of California - Cooperative ExtensionRodents California Ground Squirrel Pocket Gopher Rabbits Rats MouseRodenticides 2010-10-01
Field test of a bait delivery device for coyote managementUtah State UniversityCoyoteCLOD 2006-04-03