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Completed Projects

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Title Research Agency Animal Subject ControlMethod Date
Zinc phosphide residue study in alfalfa utilizing broadcasting techniquesNational Wildlife Research CentervolesZinc phosphide 1997-04-30
Seasonal uptake of oat groat bait by pocket gophersNational Wildlife Research CenterPocket GopherSteam rolled oat groat grain bait 1997-05-01
Nontarget hazard to free-ranging ring-necked pheasants exposed to a 2% zinc phosphide graiNational Wildlife Research Centervole, pheasantszinc phosphide 1998-04-24
Laboratory efficacy studies with bromethalin pelleted and grain baits on California groundNational Wildlife Research CenterGround Squirrelsbromethalin 1998-05-08
Outreach program for VPCRAC research projectsUniversity of California - DavisBirds Rodents 1998-06-24
Repellents for bird control in sprouting crops (lettuce).National Wildlife Research CenterHorned LarkSpray Methiocarb Anthraquinone 1998-12-28
Best Management Practices California Ground Squirrel ProgramUniversity of California - DavisCalifornia Ground Squirrel 1999-05-03
Electronic systems for bird control in orchards and vineyardsUniversity of California - DavisBirdsSensor systems remote activation 1999-07-01
Zinc phosphide bait qualityGenesis LaboratoryZinc phosphide 1999-12-01
Rodent bait quality - Ingredients and ManufacturingUniversity of California - DavisChlorophacinone Diphacinone 2000-02-23